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The smallest of all continents, Oceania is a group of thousands of islands in the South-Pacific region with a total land area of 8,536,716 square kilometers. Oceania is a term used to describe a maritime area between Asia and America. Nevertheless, the countries that make up this continent differ. While some claim that the Pacific countries, including the volcanic islands of the South Pacific Ocean, such as Melanesia including Polynesia, and Antarctica, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, are part of it, some ignore New Zealand and the territory of New Guinea. Such distinction differs due to the bio-geographical and eco-geographical division of the islands in the region.Through seasonally dry to hot, this region has a tropical and subtropical climate most of the year. Most areas of Oceania are a group of islands that emerged from the sea due to the high movement of the tectonic plates contributing to volcanic activity. The area is wonderfully dotted with sun-kissed beaches, lush vegetation, abundant fauna, and now, artistically and intricately built, man-made buildings.Divided into two parts, the refugees, the Papuans make up the Near Oceania portion of the continent, and the Austronesian speakers in Remote Oceania. Christianity is the dominant religion here, but in recent times the citizens of Oceania have described themselves as' no religion,' moving rapidly towards communism, secular humanism, and rationalism.However, this is one of the most interesting and complex areas on the planet. Tourism remains the main revenue, industry in this part of the world, with the tropical Fiji Islands considered to be one of the most popular destinations. People in the region love multi-sports, the most popular being baseball, soccer and rugby. Australia has also hosted the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, two years and three times, respectively.Whether you belong to any other part of the world, a journey to Oceania will describe the true meaning of the joy of living life.

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