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Any tour of Italy must combine art treasures, historic monuments, and gastronomic delights. Given the sheer number of UNESCO sites, unmissable paintings and sculptures, and the variety of remarkable regional food and wine, planning a vacation in Italy can leave you bewildered. Unless, of course, you have a knowledgeable Enchanting Travels consultant helping you navigate the myriad choices this boot-shaped country offers. Begin with Italy’s most recognizable landmarks. Stare in wonder at the grandeur of the Colosseum or Roman Forum, and then wander the vibrant, compact streets of Rome. Within this ancient and modern capital of Italy is the Vatican City, where St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel are only a small part of the gems you will behold. In Florence, some of the most exquisite Italian Renaissance art awaits you. Equally fascinating is a saunter through its Mercato Centrale Firenze (the central market) where you can taste different olive oils or an impressive selection of prosciutto. You’d do well to set aside a few days to explore the charming vineyards and agricultural farms of the countryside in Tuscany. The neighboring Emilia-Romagna region too is world-famous for the most tantalizing produce—Mortadella Bologna, cured Parma ham, and Parmesan cheese. Wherever you go in Italy, charming al fresco cafés, wine bars, and restaurants are perfect stopover points to rest in the company of a carafe of wine or dark espresso and biscotti. Note however, that feasting in Italy goes well beyond eating pasta and pizza. Savor fresh seafood cooked in unique local flavors, sample arancini, polenta, and osso buco too. Italy leaves no stone unturned to satisfy the sweet tooth, with its astounding array of dolci (desserts). Get your favorite tiramisu or gelato for sure, but also reach for mouthwatering sorbets, cannoli, and zabaglione. For the more enthusiastic there are also cooking classes and tasting menus, produce markets and truffle hunts, and wine and culinary tours that dive deep into the heart of gastronomic Italy. Romantic Venice is the epitome of all that is grand and awe-inspiring in this culturally-rich country. Just as magical are many other, less famous, places. From Siena to Lucca, Italy is filled with well-preserved medieval cities with their characteristic central squares and grand duomos. In southern Italy visit the coastal city of Sorrento, surrounded by stunning mountains. From here, carry on to the Amalfi Coast, where forest-covered cliffs and pretty villages and hamlets dot the landscape. Alternatively, head to the excavated ruins of Pompeii, the medieval castles and churches of Naples, or the Isle of Capri for a true taste of the laid-back Italian way of life.

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