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Everywhere you look in Iran, there are reminders of the rich history and vibrant traditions of the Persian Empire, from the remains of King Darius’ palace at Persepolis to the Zoroastrian ‘Towers of Silence’ in Yazd. Our Iran tours and holidays highlight some of the finest ancient architecture found anywhere in the world. Isfahan was described as “half the world” and with its stunning mosques, bridges and squares it’s not difficult to see why. Other architectural highlights include t e intricately carved domes and madrasas of Shiraz and the ingenious wind towers of Yazd. With 21, it is home to the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites for Culture in the Middle East. Contrary to the media perception of Iran, the country has always been outward-looking and has a long history of learning and poetry. Visiting the tomb of Hafez in Shiraz you will find old and young gathered to pay tribute and to read his words of love and wine. Travellers on our Iran tours are invariably overwhelmed by the friendliness and hospitality of the people, and it is the one thing our guests comment on again and again – how welcome they were made to feel. This is a country with a strong cultural heart and a long tradition of Persian hospitality. Iran’s capital of Tehran is a bustling contemporary city with luxury retail outlets, fashionable restaurants and modern skyscrapers, while the ancient cities of Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan offer a more traditional Persian experience, with their winding streets, coffee shops, peaceful gardens and impressive mosques. Iran is a very youthful country, with over 65% of the population being under 35, and in the cities, you will find locals pushing the dress code as far as they can. In the countryside meanwhile, you will find a more conservative but equally welcoming Iran. Highlights of rural Iran include the Bavanat valley, a beautiful and fertile region of apple orchards, walnut forests and alpine scenery, which is a great place to experience a homestay. Journeying north to the shores of the Caspian Sea is the perfect antidote to the frenetic pace of city life, where you can explore “assassins’’ castles”, the striking Alborz mountains, pretty towns including Bandar-e-Anzali (famous for its caviar fishery) and meet nomadic people. Head east for the Lut Desert, where you can discover ancient Zoroastrian cave dwellings, forgotten strongholds and vast landscapes containing a timeless beauty. Although it may receive headlines in the media, there is so much more to Iran than what is seen on the frontpage. It’s a nation of fabulous cultural wealth and historical significance whose people are friendly, and rightly proud of their long heritage. Why not step off the tourist trail for your holiday, and experience all that the country has to offer with ITM Holidays' tailor-made Iran holidays.

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